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New member w/ 1965 425 Rivi

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Hey all been looking at this site for 1 1/2 years now , thats how long I had my Rivi. I am now rebuilding this gem, it looks like every thing the prev owner said was completed was. Engine and tranny was recentyl pull pulled due to having entire car custom painted and there was a vibration problem in engine reved at about 3k . Well as some of you suspected yes the flex plate was on wrong, so for piece of mind and since its out I pulled it and sending it to the machinist. New paint on eangine and trans new seals on trans new converter. I perchased this vehicle back in Nov of 2010 and started to aquire parts for it , TRW 20 over forged pistons, berrings rod and main, isky 1101cy cam , ''74'' 7042240 800 q-jet and 66 q-jet mani ported by me, exhaust manis ported by me, star wars alum air cleaner, mooneyes valley eelco plug covers, fenton valve covers and obrian breathers st300 torque converter. Cant wait to get r dun, any advice to help a brutha out and this will be a cruiser but I want to be able to go as well as show. :D

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