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3sp trans oil leak

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I have a 40 Series 26 business coupe that the lube leaks from the small vertical shaft that selects whether the 1st/Rev. or 2nd/3rd fork moves. I can't see any seal on the outside but it may have one on the inside. The Motor's Manual that I have has an exploded view but it's so tiny I really can't tell how it's sealed. Is there somewhere I might find a large exploded view? Thank you; Evan

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I checked the 1940 service manual and there is a leather oil seal on the selector shaft inside the transmission case. There is not any view of this seal. To remove / install the selector shaft, it must be driven out of the case from left to right. A welch plug seals the shaft opening on the right side of the case and a new plug needs to be installed after the selector shaft is re-installed into the transmission.

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What I 'think' Pete is describing is the Main (horizontal) shifter shaft - which does have to be removed BEFORE the 'vertical' selector shaft

can be removed. >> There is a cork seal on the inside of the case just under the lever part of the vertical shaft. (It will stay on the vertical

shaft when the shaft is withdrawn from the case). <<

Since the cork seal is no longer available, a suitable substitute must be used (such as an O-ring or.....).

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