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Unexpected source for coiled steel wire cover for '20s cars....

Chris Bamford

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My friend is restoring a 1923 Packard Opera Coupe, and, while working on the steering column, needed a flexible wire armored sheath for the horn wire where it enters the centre tube. I asked a friend who used to be a telephone company serviceman about payphone handset cable, and just last month he threw out several old payphones that had been cluttering up the basement for 30 years. Thank you Mr. Murphy.

However, he has been a skydiver for almost 50 years and remembered that there is a similar item used as a rip-cord sheath on some of his old 'chutes. Turns out this was dang near perfect for the application.As a bonus, he had a second, larger, size that will do very nicely as headlight wire covers.

A quick Google search turned up this source for ripcord housing — I'm sure there are many more. Parachutes? Skydiving equipment? Shop ParaGear.com!


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