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Collector Buick Oil. High Zinc Content. $5


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First off...I am NOT a dealer! I stocked up on quality, high zinc content oil for my collector Buicks several years ago, just before the specs were going to change (to considerably less zinc and phosphorus). Now, it looks like I have more than a lifetime supply for my needs, so I'm selling the extra oil I have.

A lot has been written in collector car publication recently, noting that today's engine oil just doesn't have the zinc and phosphorus levels needed to protect the valve trains found in pre-1986 flat tappet engines. These articles state that nearly all collector cars and trucks should not be running today's API SM and SN oils...regardless of what the bottle says. Some guys like to use a ZDDP additve, while others prefer finding an oil that has sufficient zinc and phosphorus.

I have older quarts of high quality, Chevron Delo 400 10W-30 available. This oil has an API designation of SJ for gasoline engines, and CI-4 PLUS for diesel engines. The zinc content is 1550 ppm, while the phosphorus content is 1490 ppm. The price is just $5 per quart, with a one-case (12 quarts) minimum purchase. I have five cases here.

I also have older quarts of Chevron Delo 400 30W available. The API designation is SJ for gas engines, and CI-4 for diesels. This oil has even higher zinc and phosphorus levels than the 10W-30 mentioned above. The price for the 30W is also $5 per quart, with a one-case (12 quarts) minimum purchase. I have two cases of the 30W for sale.

All oil is in factory-sealed quart bottles, of course. I can ship these cases quite reasonably in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, the general St. Louis, Missouri area, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Also happy to ship elsewhere. Pick-up at my home in central Wisconsin, or at the big Iola, Wisconsin show and swap in July is fine, too. Thanks. John

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