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bursted power steering housing

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being not logged in for a long time because my 65 rivi ran smoothly all the years.

last week on thursday a crazy event happend ... so i had to log-in into this forum again ;-).

as you can see on the attached photos the power steering pump housing (cast iron part, sometimes called "core" or "insert") broke/cracked/burst during steering.

engine & all attached parts were on operating temperature.

my garage & i assume that the housing broke due to old age. the cast iron could not withstand the pressure any more and crumbled at the weakest point ... at the groove for the end plate retaining ring.

the "core" is broken so the pump can not be reworked at Cardone, OPGI has a power steering pump backorder status of 30-90 days, summit offers universal pumps from Borgeson & March Perf.

i have contacted also other sellers but none seems to be able to ship a '65 or '66 power steering pump for a buick riviera.

does someone in this forum have an idea what to do so that the car is soon on the streets again?

thanks in advance for your ideas,

dirk from germany.





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There are a number of them for sale at Auto Parts Market. The problem you might experience is that they may not ship to Germany. You would have to find a friend in the U.S. that would have to get it and then forward on to you.

Good luck

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Wow - never saw one fail like that. Wondering if the pressure relief was working.

You should be able to find someone to ship you a used pump. All you really need is the broken part (which is not a wear item) assuming nothing else internally was damaged. You could either swap the cast housing from used pump to yours and install the seal kit, or just install the seal kit in the used pump if the internals look OK. Either way you could make a functioning pump if you had a used one. As long as these pumps don't get contaminated fluid, they are very reliable other than leaks.

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thanks for your hints ... on the first glimpse the pressure relief looked good.

i will take a second look at the relief tomorrow :-).

this kind of unusual failure reminds me of the suddenly cracked "oil filter adapter" when i drove/cruised on our german autobahn.

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