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Jacox steering boxes

Guest fordy

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Guest fordy

Does anyone know where I can get some new hardenned steel bits for Jacox steering boxes? The parts fit on the 1/2 nuts and push against the rollers that operate the shaft. They measure approximately 1 x 1/2 inch, aound 3/8 thick and located by 2 x 1/8 dowels at 5/8 centers (approx).

I need these for my series R Hupp (1923) and believe that Buick, Oakland and other GM used these boxes too. So far no luck with web searches.




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Steve, I know of a 1919 Oakland RHD gear box in South Africa. Not sure if it would help. I do have a picture if you are still looking. h

Thanks Howard

I took the broken parts to Henstock Engineering who specialises in replicating missing and proken parts. They did a fantastic job of making new ones of the correct grade material and proper hardness. Not cheap for a simple little job but when you factor in labour costs and how fiddly it would have been, plus the running about sourcing the material etc it was a fair price.

One thing that came to light from the exercise is that the faces of the half nuts they attach to are not square on like you would assume but instead slightly tapered to alow the rollers to "kick start" when the steering is first turned off from straight ahead position. I would guess this reduces the stresses involved.



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