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Bob Lutz is a better man than you!


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:eek: Ohhhhh, My achin sholders. ;) I use to beable to do 100 push ups. I would beable to still do that if only I had not had a few misfortunet injurys to my shoulders though the years. I find that swimming is the best exercize to keep an old car guy in good condition. The impact is not so hard on the joints. I sometimes also ride a bicycle as is is easier on the joints than the impact created by running. My Hat is off to him. :cool: Dandy Dave!

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Guest 36chev

Dandy Dave,

Like you, I find swimming to be great exercise. But making the time is hard. Much quicker to go for a run, but my messed up back won't take much of that pounding. I can still do 50 pushups and try to do so every other day or so, but the arthritic neck pinching nerves sometimes puts a stop to that :(.

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As an avid excercise supporter, I was amused at the Lutz exhibition .

While the first ten push ups were in true form, the last ten were a bit on the girly side. Still, at 70, the guy is in great condition.


I thought I heard the age of 80 mentioned.... Quick check, he was born on February 12, 1932 so he is 80. Pretty impressive!

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The book Bob wrote is pretty interesting especially for the people that worked around him. I have met Bob a few times and he always comes across one of those bigger than life characters. He has a nice collection of cars, jet pilot and someone who is extremely intelligent. I sometimes think that they are not building people like him anymore. My last meeting with him I took a shot at something he said in his speech when it was my turn and he was gracious enough to say I had made a point (about the treatment of terminated dealers by GM).

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