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Our club sends 75 newsletters a month to members and friends of the club. All members that have an email get a soft copy, but a few have requested soft copy only. Our printing is donated by a club member, so our hard copy newsletter cost is roughly $350 a year. In an effort to encourage more members and friends to get the soft copy, I have tried to enhance the soft copy version by including hyperlinks to source data, other clubs sites, show flyers or to AACA web pages. Most of the meets listed in the newsletter calendar have a hyperlink that is unobtrusive and unknown to the hardcopy readers. Quite often in my stories I include a link and a comment, such as Reading Show information is at this link (a hyperlink), then show the link. Softcopy readers can click on this link and for example, see the Reading Show trifold. In this months newsletter I included a reference to a hyperlink that did not show up in the print version. My logic is if you don't have a computer, then this link is not going to help you, even if I give the link, so why bother.

I traveled home for Easter and my mother was reading the hard copy newsletter instead of her normal soft copy version. She asked what "this link" meant. I guess the lesson here is whenever a link is mentioned, it should be spelled out. I'm going to keep including the hyperlinks in the soft copy version to make it valuable to people with PCs, but if I mention a link then I should type the link itself out in the print version.


Iroquois Region Editor


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Hey Bill, good points you are making here. As you mentioned, a lot of non-pc club members reading the hard copy would not know what a "link" is unless you spelled it out. I personally like links though, a fast way to get to the destination if you're reading on the web. Thanks for the update. Nice newsletter too.

Now, I see you mentioned Steve and his trumpet, too. I'm assuming this is my old friend Steve Boettger, who passed away not long ago? If so, I never knew that Steve could blow the old horn. Good guy, I miss him.

Thanks again,


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