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Question about Starter lubrication

Guest bofusmosby

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Guest bofusmosby

Since my car is still in the shop, I thought it was a good time to restore the extra starter I had bought for $10 off Ebay. The starter was completely frozen up and rusted pretty bad. Over the last several weeks I have completely disassembled it, free'd all frozen parts, and re-painted. On this starter, the gear that engages the flywheel slides inside on the commutator shaft forward to engage the flywheel. This is accomplished by a spring loaded lever from the outside of the starter. It goes into the assembly and slides the gear forward.

Here are my questions. First of all, where the gear shaft slides on the commutator shaft, should this be oiled or greased? Also, the lever that goes inside the starter that pushes the gear assembly forward to engage the flywheel, should this be greased or oiled? I am assuming that this section should be greased because there will be tension on the lever inside the starter when the engine is being cranked. I was thinking "lithium grease" for this. What do you guys think? Not sure about the gear shaft that slides on the commutator shaft though. What are your thoughts?

Thank you guys!

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