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41 SEE Starting Problems Solved!!

Guest Tim Romans

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Guest Tim Romans

Hey guys,

Many thanks to all of you who chipped in with advice. I finally got my 41' started the other day. The old solenoid relay was basically shot so rather than pay through the nose, I disconnected the old starting system and retrofitted a single post on the starter and ran a wire to the starter relay and to a button. After priming the carbs and about 6 attempts, she fired right up and I drove her to the gas station for some fresh gas. The button seems to be working fine in place of the accelerator system.

As I get ready for this spring and summer, I'm going to check the lubricant in the rear end. A couple of questions, the shop manual calls for 90w hypoid gear oil, but my scan of the local Advanced Auto Parts and Napa revealed that they didn't carry 90w. I saw a thread on here about substituting 85w and it working fine. Would this be ok for the 411 rear end that I have?

Also, about draining out the old gear oil. How do you go about that? Jack the front of the car up, take the plug out, and use something like a turkey baster to get the rest?


Tim Romans

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Guest Grant Magrath

Good work Tim!

Re-the rear end, why not just unbolt the whole cover plate and make a new gasket for it when you put it back on?



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There is not much difference between 85W and 90W oil, so there are no issues to using the modern hypoid oil in your diff. Plus with all the new lubricants, even the cheap stuff is better than they had back when our cars were new.

Also, I'll second this, the housing is designed so that when the bottom bolt is removed the oil will drain out, though it certainly wouldn't hurt to the cover off to have a look, and do a good clean up. Those gaskets are easy to make if you don't have one handy, otherwise are available from several places.


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