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Guest Grum

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Have owned the remains of a Rollin for many years and I am looking to get started on restoring it. I would like to make contact with other Rollin owners to share knowledge. There is a couple of components that I am looking for and that’s the cross member that goes under the gearbox and a starter motor.

Look forward to hearing from other Rollin owners.


Graham James


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There was a very detailed article on the restoration of a Rollin that was in Australia in Restored Cars magazine (an Australian publication), and I think later exported to somewhere in Scandanvia. I've had a look through my back issues, but can't find that particular issue. It would have been in the last 10 years.

The best I can suggest is emailing the editior of Restored Cars, and ask him. He'll know for sure, and maybe able to supply the issue in question. I think it would be good if you could get a copy, as it had a ton of info.

Eddie Ford Publications | Newstead | Magazines & Periodicals

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Guest Armand Bessette

Hello fellow Rollin owners

I presently own (2) Rollins - both 1924 -a touring car and a coupe. I have a fairly large amount of information and some parts. (always looking for more). I have a list of 22 known cars and am looking to find more. My collection started in the early eightys. I will be glad to share what information I have. Contact me at apbjab@verizon.net. Look forward to hearing from you

Armand Bessette

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Guest orphancars

This is late in coming as have been working on my newest purchase (1916 Jeffery) Check it out on this clubs forum. For the several people that wanted to see what we have been talking about here is a photo of my Rollin. If photo didn't post will try again.


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