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What's this Steering Wheel Off of? Need It?

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Hello, I came across this steering wheel in a storage auction last month. It says Lincoln Twelve on it and that's all I can really narrow it down to. Is it off a Zephyr?? Was wondering what kind of car it came off of if not. I have only seen 1 other for sale and the add didn't have any more details than what I have, just that it sold for a pretty penny.. I have no use for it, as I do not restore automobiles but have great respect for those who put in the time and $ to bring them back to life. my email is runninitback@yahoo.com if anyone can help or is interested in it. Thanks!

For some reason, I am not able to post my pictures...says I'm missing a security token?? anyways, if you leave me your email I will send them to you from my phone if that's ok?? Thanks again!!

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I suspect many views but no comment may be due to lack of photo ?? most on this

forum are unwilling to chime in...so here get to hear from about 15 of us..

this is the 46-48 wheel also used in 42 with pale light colored plastic and silver insert..

also the 42 version is used in the tucker 48....

valuable if not cracked...almost always cracked..and they smell like puke!!


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everyone who replied or emailed received pictures and all agreed it was in really good conditions despite 2 cracks near horn cap area. there is zero cracking elsewhere. the top half of horn ring is missing, it was broken off evenly and cleanly that i didn't know it was missing at first. also, mine is a red-maroon color and is kind of opaque when light hits it. thanks for the input though. all is appreciated.

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