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T6 engine almost ready to put back on the chassis

Juha Paavo Kaita

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I own tqo Reo Model Gs from 1926. One is 4D Sedan and the other is 2tn Heavy Duty Speed Wagon. I bought my sedan from Texas and drove it two summers here in Finland. After that I found out that I needed to do major overhaul to the engine. Thanks to Egge Motor I got a new set of pistons. The Reo engine was the very first engine I ever disassembled to assembled. I was lucky to have a friend who new what to do and how to do - so I learned a lot. Now I think I can continue my practise with the truck engine. Also it need major overhaul with new set of pistons and some valve work. I enclose few photos of my project.

Juha Kaitanen

Turku, Finland




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