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Help Identify Teardrop Windows

Guest bk42762

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Guest bk42762

Does anyone know what vehicle these might be for?

(I'm assuming they are for a car and not an airstream trailer or something.)

I have a left and right side (just one pictured).

The exterior metal trim has a faux wood pattern painted on.

The interior rubber is hard, will need restoration.

The metal frame is marked "A.M.CO.".

The latches and hinges work ok.

Yes, they are for sale.



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Those look alot like the ones on my 37 Desoto. I think the Dodges of the era were like this as well.

If you post some dimentions I could compare them. Might be next week before I could get back on here though.

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Guest bk42762

Thanks for the info so far, guys!

Here's some measurements.

Tallest part of glass = 9-1/4"

Widest part of glass = 15"

Exterior metal frame (hardened rubber side) is 17" wide, 11" tall.

Hope that helps some.


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