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Redding Ct. 2012 Show Date?


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Hi, is there a date for the aaca/vmcca Redding Ct. car show for 2012 yet? If I don't put in on the calender early, I miss it. Thanks, Ed

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Yep, usually that is firmed up later in the year, but usually the weekend immediately following Labor Day weekend; gents.

As of now, we will need to park in the parking lot, though, for this one! I think the "new cut off" is like 1959...


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I am looking for a really nice 32 Buick with a long ownership history that has been in several concours, John! Know of one??

Seriously we are regrouping a bit, I would like to "buy up" but that depends on a couple things - will catch up with you soon, sir - I have to deliver that Pfau book! :D


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