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Driver side cubby hole damp with water


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My driver side cubby hole was damp with water. The passenger one was dry. I don't store any liquids in the car so was curious why this would be wet? I looked underneath the car and its just the gas tank, so I can't tell if there's a pan gasket in that area. :confused:

Its a non sunroof car. Is there a trunk drainhole somewhere that's possibly plugged?

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I take it you are referring to the rear storage bin behind the seat, correct? If you are getting water in there, I can only think of a leak around the rear window and even that seems an unlikely cause for water in the bin. I cant' imagine enough condensation forming to do this either.

Keep in mind that the bin is a formed fiberglass piece with formed carpeting glued over it. The fiberglass part has no holes or voids in it for water to get in from the underside, unless it has been damaged somehow. So, it almost has to be getting in from above.

Thinking about it now, perhaps the trunk seal is bad and water somehow got down along the "ski door" or behind the interior rear quarter trim, ran across the carpet and into the bin. Also, the lower edge of the rear window molding serves as a drip edge if you look at the width and angle of it. It has been my experience that these cars can get a number of strange leaks, in addition to the fairly common front door/vent window leaks that so many have battled with.

I guess the thing to do is spray test the car, paying attention to the trunk and rear window and see if you can duplicate the leak and then determine the point of ingress. Barring that, I do not presently have any other solid ideas.


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If that is fruitless, I'd spray from underneath. Maybe the fibreglass is damaged.

Whoa? You mean it's just fiberglass exposed underneath? I thought that tub was sitting on top of a metal frame pan. :eek: I also sat back there to clean the glass. :confused:

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