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1970 Electra Lesabra Estate wagon and GS


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The engine trans has been sold out of my estate wagon. Those of you who inquired about parts please re email me as some were lost.<P>these parts here are from an 18k mile car that sat covered for 30 years. the body is total rust and i bought it for the interior which is mint.<P>i do have other buick parts that might be of interest.<P>bear nos condition<BR>water over flow bottle<BR>windshield bottle<P>2 Sets of near new very good condition green floor mats frt and back. I replaced them with nos i found.<P>FOR ELECTRA LESABRA OR WAGON<BR>cornering lights set complete bezel and wires<BR>stearing column delux wheel green tild cruise<BR>Cruise servo<BR>Cruise module control<BR>battery box. surface rust<BR>green dash<BR>dash agauges<BR>radio stereo works<BR>rear defrost set up<BR>frt bumper realy good chrome looks a little rough from back but not removed yet so not sure<BR>radiator looks good will test first<BR>ac system was fully charged and opperational.<BR>have ac condenser by grill<BR>ac evaperator core off firewall<BR>ac dryer and other parts.<BR>electra port holes ecelent<P>ESTATE WAGON ONLY<BR>nos cream remade 3 seat interior with door panals. light sadle<BR>frt seats power splt bench and will work electra lesabra<BR>roof rack parts only<BR>all door window chrome and other wagone chrome<P>michael_de_baker@hotmail,com

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