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car hood ornament identification (many)

Guest mwalker

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Guest mwalker


I am trying to identify a bunch of hood ornaments for a friend and am posting some pictures along with a list of what we (think) have. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

1. 50 Plymouth

2. 53 Ford

3. ?

4. ?

5. ?

6. 51 Studebaker Commander (version2)

7. 36 Ford

8. 49 Hudson Commodore (rear)

9. 55 Chevy Bel Air

10. 51 Pontiac Chieftan

11. 48-49 Pontiac Chieftan

12. ?

13. ?

Will be more than happy to repost with detailed pictures of any of the ornaments if anyone cares for one. Again, much thanks.






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Guest Foggy norm

#4 46-48 Buick special, missing the Halo/Ring

#3 39 chevy master

10 & 11 Pontiac, #11 may be 41, 8cyl. sideview's would be nice

12 close-up would help, Caddy???

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