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South Dakota Yard Crushing

Guest BJM

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Here is the TIP. He has hundreds of Vintage Cars for great projects and many parts cars. HE IS CRUSHING SOME OF THEM. Jim's Auto Salvage across from the Buffalo Chip Campground in STurgis, SD. 605-347-2303.

Here's the deal, at this time, Go out there and buy from him- his prices are reasonable and nice stuff. Tell Him you read it from me- Yvette. There's Chevelles, Chevys, Fords, and tons of Buicks.

He is getting a good Iron price now, and he has a heart for the old cars, but doesn't want anyone to really kinda come out and kinda jack with him alot on prices below iron. I don't blame him. But we drove around and he is VERY reasonable on the prices for the vehicles.

So if you are SERIOUS and have cash, go out or Call Jim or Cindy and tell him Yvette Sent ya. Let me know how it pans out. But I would like to see some of what he crushes, saved. He had squished a 58 Merc, 56 Buick and a 50 Chevrolet when I was there. So let's save the old stuff!

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Salvage Yard owners are, in general, an eccentric lot. But I see this a lot where the prices are too high or whatever then father time catches up. It happens about 5-6 times a year in the midwest where these old yards are getting auctioned or crushed.

I think it's sgnificant to get as west as you can. I remember that a Minneapolis yard was sold off 2 years ago and wow the cars were rusty.

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OK Bryan: If that darn transportation wasn't so high I could see stocking up on several cars that I like! Mitch

I know Mitch! Got to stop sometime, finish what we have and enjoy!

I have a 70 Wildcat coming that costs more to transport then to buy!

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Guest Daves69

Google map search for this yard looks like he has a large inventory. Wish it was closer.

20625 131st Avenue, Sturgis, SD

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