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I'm looking at a pair of Renault Dauphines that can be made into 1, and would like to talk to someone who knows the later Dauphines. Both appear to be about 1964. The 'good' car is solid and complete except for the drivetrain. Someone started to convert it to an electric car, bolting a large electric motor to the transaxle, but making no alterations to the car itself. The parts car has a running engine and the automatic transmission. (Not the magnetic clutch with the stick shift). I'd appreacite an email or call at your convenience to get some pointers on parts, info onw hat I need to move the engine (does the flywheel interchange between the standard and automatic?), and other info. Bob Stein (Tidewater Region). 757-270-3689 or posti@aol.com.

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I can't say I'm an expert on them by now, but if you click over to my restoration or my site, you will see I have progressed from a lump of rusted steel to a car that has the engine, transmission and running gear all restored. The body is coming along.

I pulled my apart piece by piece, starting from the wheels, axles, trans, and finally engine. But they assembled the entire power train, lifted the rear of the car, putting it on wooden blocks. Then slid the power train under it and lowered each side by pulling out a block at a time until the bolt holes lined up. then added the rear engine support.




As for the electric one, are you sure that wasn't one of the original conversions? The Henney Kilowatt was based on the Dauphine. Henney Kilowatt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Richard1's comments are correct. Many, many years ago I did an engine repair on my 1958 Dauphine, and lifted the rear of the body off the running gear , did the overhaul, and replaced the body.

If yours was a Henny Kilowatt, they are a very rare find indeed!

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