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Photo without caption 4-5-2012


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Optional Seat for Automatic Warning Device if trailor becomes detached.

I use to tell my kids all the time when they were whining that I was going to rent them for sirens. They had a choice of a Fire Truck, Ambulance, or Cop Car. :D Dandy Dave!

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Yeah, we had a few Subaru Brats around the neighborhood. Whenever you happend to walk by, you could not help but notice that the rear bed was always full of empty beer cans and bottles. The ones around here could never pass a bar either. Dandy Dave!

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I had a 1982 1/2 BRAT DL* for a few years. It was a great car until it rusted to bits. One of the first things I did with it was to ditch the 2 back seats. As I recall they were held in with 2 large Phillips-head bolts.

I did ride my sister back there (around the block) once as a joke. All she said was "Don't ever put anyone back there again.":)


*I should have kept it. They were so rare that I had 3 dealers tell me they never really sold them in the U.S. I only ever saw one other, years later.

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