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OT-Playing with OBD-II


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Very nice! What software package is that?

I have been using a ScanGauge II for some years. Quite a bit more primitive, with only four displays at once. But still quite handy.

Tranny temp is a fun one to watch too.

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"Torque" & is for Android devices. Most people apparently use it with smart phones. 7" device might be better but only my 10" had BlueTooth. I prefer computer-based to dedicated systems simce logging/interpreting is so much easier.

Got started with devices from Amazon, ELM 327 seems to be the most common (& most cloned) chipset.

Are two levels here: Professional, which starts around $500 for PC software, USB dongle, and a single MFR module (don't ask about hardware prices) and Amateur (Software, USB dongle and Bluetooth Dongle for about $50 from Amazon).

Amateur level is a good place to start and both scantool.net (PC) and torque-bhp.com (android) have forums. Torque is very big in Europe but Ian is very hard to reach & is really a one-man-show.

Besides instrumentation, all also can read, display, and clear trouble codes.

Beyond that Reatta folk have no idea how good you have it with online service manuals, diagnostics, and in-depth help. Chrysler will not even permit new car buyers to purchase or access a service manual. Most recent available is 2009 for $206 (DVD). I am slowly collecting data but is not easy.

That said OBD-II is not all sweetness and light. the standard codes defined by the gov for emissions purposes fit on two pages, trouble codes, about four. For Chrysler the mfr-specific (undocumented) codes runs eight hundred pages (see AutoEnginuity) and this is just a list for marketting: to link the elements, scaling, and command would risk being blacklisted by all car companies. To gain access, code tool mfrs have to abandon all rights and pay obeisance. Pledging first born is not required but close.

That said, information will leak out and more capable systems will be developed. Rabble is being roused & am following my usual path of showing what is possible, creating demand, and providing a start. Has worked before.

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The ScanGauge II can display and clear codes. And also has some nice trip computer stuff in it. I mostly use it in the Suburban for the MPG display. However since I don't drive it that much these days, do need to remember to unplug it or the battery will start to run down.

Know what you mean about all the undocumented codes. Suburban is a '96 - which was the first year for OBDII, and even some of the 'standardized' codes are different than actual implementation. Last I looked, GM was worse than Chrysler on licensing fees to peek under the covers.

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Do not know why they bother, it will get disclosed eventually, SBO never works for long. Guess not that many care. Is the first time I have not been allowed to buy a service manual for a car I own.

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Feel like I am on the verge of something, have been expecting a convergence of technologies for some time but now am seeing all of the pieces come into place.

The Reatta was a marvel of integrated technology when it came out but nothing was really standard except for the ALDL.

20 years later, my new heap has integrated bluetooth and wireless so that when I get in, it recognizes both me and my cell phone but that is minimal, many things are still specific.

However when you toss 3/4/5 G into the mix, you are wired everywhere. SatNav is not a Garmin in the dash but a wireless app with the latest turns and traffic on the fly. Kids antsy ? No CDs or DVDs but Sirius/Netflix. Want to read a book, hokay, but not for the driver.

Glass cockpit but a personalized slot for each occupant. Wireless. Thin client touch screens for everyone. The glass cockpit comes to earth.

Not there yet, too much proprietary stuff, but possible for the individual. Couple of things need integration e.g voice recognition and location (may pair person with display so if switch seats after a stop, can pick right up.

But all of the pieces are here and now, just need the proper assembly. Wonder if there is a market ?

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