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Bosch 0-1-2 Switch

Guest mlongfield

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Guest mlongfield

Hello All,

I would like to find a Bosch 0-1-2 Switch, would anybody have a spare that they can part with? I have attached a photo for reference.

Also, I am looking for A-Coils, Bosch Dr4 2 spark and Bosch Zr4 2 spark magnetos if you might have one.

Thanks ahead of time!

Michael Longfield


(905) 299-4917


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Guest mlongfield

Thanks for the suggestion 'Willeys41', I will call Ray this week.

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter!


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I've had a fair bit of luck in the past combing through the pre 1939 section of the German eBay vintage car section, searching for Bosch items. I'm probably giving away too much information here, but it can be a bit of a gold mine. You only have to ask the seller if they are willing to post overseas.

bosch | eBay

The trouble is, that to come across a switch exactly as you want may take a while. I'm sure there will be one available, somewhere.

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