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F/S Three 1900-04 De Dion Bouton engines on Ebay. Link attached.

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Dear Friends: I have just posted my 1900-04 DDB 4 1/2 , 6 ,and 8 HP engines and DDB vis a vis radiator all on Ebay with lots of photos. Can provide lots of photos of all 4 by email,just ask. Below is the Ebay link to the 8 HP auction. Once there,you can hit "other auctions by seller" to see the other 3 auctions. Please pass this email around to our various friends in the UK,etc. that might be interested. Thanks,George Albright Florida,USA email gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624 10 AM to 4 PM Eastern Standard Time 1900 De Dion Bouton 8 HP Engine Horseless Carriage Brass Era Auto Car | eBay

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