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looking for Plymouth/Mopar Parts in UK


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I'm in need of pretty much most 1953 Plymouth 218 engine parts. Also a workshop manual would be helpful.

I'm told that the crank, rods and flywheel from a 230 are also a fit for the 218 which I'd also be looking for.

Here's the bare bones of what I have to deal with...



I'm in the UK so shipping from the US is going to affect whether I can purchase some items but I remain optimistically hopeful and vigilant that I can convince my wife that its all for the greater good.

Cheers all!


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Hi, looks like the parts you need could come from a Dodge and still have numbers match. I, personally would start with manuals from maybe ebay, in order to have a good feel for what you are searching for. Check this site out from UK, I think they could help.

Dodge Kew Trucks Register Dodge 105 Kew series

I know the shipping fees are high or I would round up what you need from here. Regards, Richie

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Someone has put a '53 Plymouth engine in there. :)

From other posts, this is a '30 Chrysler.

Indeed it is, would've been nice to find this with the original but alas, the one eyed WWII bomber pilot with a South African driving licence I purchased it from has appeared to have tinkered around with it quite extensively! No matter, mend and make do is the way forward now!

The worst mod by far on here is a Rolls Royce steering column, it is ridiculous in size and makes the car near enough undriveable!

A very helpful fellow has scanned the pages from a service manual for me and emailed them which has really made my day.

Thanks all for your continued support!

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