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1911 Alpena Flyer

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There was an auto maker in Alpena, Michigan which made a limited number of cars before being sued for patent violations (from what I heard from the local Besser Museum director last week). The Alpena Flyer was produced & there is only ONE known left in existence. It is currently being restored. Ultra-rare I'm sure it is part of American auto industry which little is known about. I'm not a car buff but thought I'd pass the restoration site here for all you car buffs. It looks like it was a beautiful car at one time. Restorations Unlimited auto restoration, antique, classics, streetrods

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American-automobile.com says 1911 had 4cyl by Northway or Rutenber, but didn't say if uncertain which or both were options.

Std Cat says 1911-14; for engines just says 4s, with a Rutenber 6 available in 1913. Says Alpena Flyer name just for 1911, thereafter just Alpena.

A 1917 ring catalog lists:

(1) All 1909/10/11/ models, and models J, K, L of 1912 with a 4cyl 4" bore using 3 1/4" width rings...no Northway or Rutenber in that section...

(2) Models F, G, H, I of 1912 with a 41/8" bore using 3 1/4" rings...there's no Northway here either, but a Rutenber "38" matches...

(3) Models N, O, P, Q for 1913---"N" is a 6cyl, "O"s cyl's omitted, "P" and "Q" are 4s; all four are in the 33/4" bore section, using 3 1/4" rings. No Northway or Rutenber in this section.

HOWEVER, this catalog only shows one Northway for 1912-13 and seven others for 1916-17 (omitting most of the Alpena years). It also shows 6 Rutenbers, but for 1915-17 (the "38" is listed as1916). It's possible (probable?) that engine production for Alpena were simply not listed as Northways or Rutenbers.

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Forgot to list that Std Cat shows:

1911 models A to D (models designate body styles) 4cyl 30HP;

1912 models F, G H 4cyl 40HP;

1912 models J to M 4cyl 30HP;

1913-14 model N-50 ("N" now covers four body styles) 6cyl 50HP;

1913-14 models 0-38 and P-40 "P" covers two body styles) 4cyl 40HP

1913-14 model X roadster 4cyl 44HP.

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Sorry this response is a little behind. We restored the 1911 Alpena Flyer. It had an engine made by the Hazard[not a good choice of names] Manufacturing Co. It was rated at 35HP. The museum knows of it's existence and is eagerly awaiting it's return home. It left our shop on 6/26/14 and should be home in a day or two. What a home coming!

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Hazard Motor M'f'g Co, Rochester, NY---don't have much on them (no in-depth research) possibly primarily marine engine builder (ads in Motor Boating, etc)...

Apparently built the "Silent" marine engine 1911 only?? per post on oldmarineengine.com...

1913 or so introduced Ergon line of Comm'l Car (Truck) engines (various ads)...

1917 ring catalog lists six Hazard engines, all 4s (not listed as marine engines) from 33/4 to 4" bores; Hazard apparently issued several of their engines, using the same designation, in two bores per 1913 Power Wagon ad (gasoline and kero??)...years listed in that 1917 catalog were 1909-15

Apparently not a high volume builder; that 1917 ring catalog is my only catalog that lists Hazard engines; none of mine 1917. 24. 25. 30, 1933 lists Ergon or Silent.

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