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"American Profile" article on spark plug collector


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Have known Bill since I joined the club the year it was founded. We're not related but have got together several times in Michigan and of course at Hershey. I also count Joe Cook as a good friend in the hobby and have seen his collection in NJ. It's a fun group, very informal requiring only enjoyment of the hunt and sharing the great discoveries. Trading among friends has always been fabulous but ebay the $ involved now days have soured a few collectors. I'm glad I started when I did and can quit any time and enjoy what I've got. There are still a few great leads out there that I'm waiting to develop, and there are always a few discoveries still to be made.

I also have one discovered underwater. Years ago I knew someone who had a son who was a diver on the North Sea oil rigs off the coast of Scotland. On one dive a spark plug was recovered from the hold of a WWI era supply ship. In the cargo was dozens of crates of brass plugs Of course the deep cold ocean did not deteriorate the brass of the plug at all, so it's a pride of my collection that still shows very well, even after all those years underwater. Too bad he didn't bring up a few more!

I've periodically added some pictures of my plugs on the Memorabilia forum and one of these days will get around to adding a few more.

Anyone interested in talking spark plugs, see me at Hershey and we'll do some show and tell.

Bob - do you still have a few squirrled away?

Happy collecting!


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