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Engine ID

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Need help to ID an engine if anyone has the info, it would be much appreciated.

Chrysler straight 8 industrial engine.

numbers on side of head


numbers on block plate under manifold.



Casting numbers stamped back by starter


7 17

I think this is a 323.5 at about a 37 to 38 vintage. Anyone know how to decipher these numbers?

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A quick Google search turned up this book on the 1945 Chrysler IND 9 engine.

VictorySiren.com - Chrysler Air Raid Siren Maintenance Manual

They changed the model number as they altered and improved them. The IND 9 model was probably made for a year or two. The last 4 digits would be the serial number. IND 9 1372 would be the ID number you would quote when ordering parts.

Straight eight industrial engines seem to be much more rare than the six cylinder versions.

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Thanks for the help Rusty. Looks like it is a 42 vintage. got it apart and it is in great condition with no ridge and only 1 stuck valve. With the exception of the crack between the valve and the cylinder in the #8 cylinder. So far 2 straight 8's and can't get one good one yet. will keep searching

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