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I have my first car for sale. I'm too old and don't bend so well now. It has been in storage since '86. I restored it in 85. It has dual SU carbs. It needs new tires, battery, and rubber stuff, (Belts, hoses, etc.) and a little TLC. NO RUST. It's Brittish racing green with a custom white racing stripe, I added wire wheels and I have lots of spare part that go with it. ( seats, wheels, electrical, etc.) It has less than 40,000 original miles on it. It was originally bought by a U.S. serviceman in England and was driven there for a while, he brought it back stateside and then his wife got pregnant and the car was sold to me. I will let it go for $7,000. Let's not argue about the price. It was appraised at $4,500 in 1985. The after restoration milage is less than 500 miles. This is the first time I have ever put it up for sale and I'm sad about it having to do it. It's name is Gaspar. I can be contacted here or at 989 501 0816 EST. 9am to 9pm. Ratman.

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