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Does Dynaflow use radiator for cooling in a 57 Special?

Guest ozzytom

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Guest ozzytom

I found some coolant had sprayed from the radiator the other day.

Looks like I may have a small pin hole leak around the cap/head of tank.

Just need to know if the 57 radiator also cools the trans fluid? Are there oil lines from Dynaflow which run through radiator for cooling, as in most auto trans?

I couldn't see any specific info in the Buick manual I have, and I couldn't see clearly in the low light of my shed.

Just want to know so as to be prepared before I get to my mate's workshop to pull it out.

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Guest ozzytom

Thanks Bob.

The good news is my radiator is OK.

I just had it pressure tested this morning, and it held 15 psi without any leakage. :D

The radiator cap was faulty. :o

I love it when a problem is solved with the simplest fix. :)


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