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The Coolest Underage Car? Figaro

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I have never attempted to discuss an underage car, except when I got in trouble for laughing at the 87 Corsica's introduction to Antiquehood. But, the car I'm talking about is the Coolest underage car, that looks plenty old enough to me, and I think you might think so too. The 1991 Nissan Figaro, 20,000 made for Japan only. It was a Retro design combining features of the 64 Datsun Fairlady, and the Austin Healy. Toggles switches and Right hand drive, air conditioning and good heat. The Soft Tonneau top and rear window fold into the rear boot, as they say, and resembles the Metropolitan in that respect, with a little Crossly thrown in. Under the bonnet, a......wait for it.....1 litre, 4 cyl turbo, all of 987 CC's, and is a absolute screamer! At 21 years old, this little beauty turns more heads than Pamela Anderson, wet, at 21 even. In 4 years these beauties will start to trickle into the USA. They have become a kind of a Cultmobile in the UK, and Ireland and Scotland, and with the only 1 year production, are quite rare at that. My wife saw this and decided she liked old cars!

What do you think?






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If you hadn't said it was a 1991, I'd have said it was 60s. Neat little car.

Even as an antique, I can only imagine what one would go thru trying to register one here in the States- you know, the Land of Interminable and Over-Reaching Automobile Over-Regulation. I doubt it meets US crash, safety and emissions standards and would be very difficult to import.

But it's still just downright sexy!

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That pic was in Miami, which is where I found the car. I don't know how it got there or how the guy got it registered, but he did. I drove it to New England, with no problems at all. I found that if the car is here you car get it registered. The state is happy to have the sales tax and registration and title fees, and at 21, the emissions are not an obstacle.

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They were indeed officially imported...there are a few around and one features in the opening titles of a Sunday morning BBC politics programme The Andrew Marr Show, driven by Marr to the BBC for his shows.

There were also a few Nissan S-Cargo vans sold here as well but may have been 'Grey Imports' brought in by entrepeneurs.

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