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unknown plastic emblem

Pete Phillips

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This looks like it might be a grille emblem or hood emblem from the 1950s, but I cannot decide what car it is from. Not a very sharp photo, but it is a knight's head with armor, similar to what I have seen on the 1958 Buick Limited, but if this were a Buick emblem, I would recognize it. Help?

Pete Phillips

Leonard, TX

1949 Buick model 59

1950 Buick model 76-R

1954 Buick model 48-D

1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk

1958 Buick model 49-D

1958 Rambler Ambassador wagon

1959 Buick Electra

1962 Buick Electra 225

1962 Plymouth Fury

1963 Buick Wildcat

1963 Chrysler New Yorker


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I would lean toward Lincoln or Dodge with the Knight head but that's about as far as I could get. The ring around it makes it look like a horn button. I just checked 1950's horn buttons and couldn't find anything like it. It probably goes with the other Knight head Emblem I posted a few days ago that no one seems to know what it fits!

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Guest shadetree77

I'm gonna' go with Ozstatman on this one. From these images I pulled off of Google, it looks like a Kelvinator refrigerator emblem. It would look cool on a car though! Maybe you could sell it to the rat rod crowd. Put it up on EBAY as a "Rare, Custom Rat Rod Emblem/Horn Button"! :D



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Hey Robert,

I think you and Ozstatman have hit the nail on the head! A friend of mine bought it at the recent Chickasha, Oklahoma Pre-War Auto swap meet, so we just assumed it was an automotive piece. Okay, there's a Nash connection with Kelvinator, but I think you've found the source--it looks very, very close to the refrigerator emblem on the left of your post. Thanks for the sleuthing, but a rather disappointing find (laughing)!


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