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LoJack for Classics


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Noticed this on the WSATI Classics website tonight; good to see when a stolen 'classic' is recovered.

WSATI Stolen Classic Cars

I had mentioned about LoJack for Classics the other day in a different thread (and the great $295 discount price for Hagerty/HVA members).


No, I don't have stock in the company...

Can you say 'happy owner'?

R E C O V E R E D by LAPD Wilshire on 03/18/12

-----Original Message-----

From: Ted Saraf <tsaraf@lojack.com></tsaraf@lojack.com>

To: Gary Labb

Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 4:03 PM

Subject: 1966 Mustang Classic

1966 Ford Mustang Convertible



Color: Black

Date Stolen: 03/18/12

Stolen from: Los Angeles

Reporting Agency and their Case #: LAPD Northeast DR # 121107890

Reporting Agency Contact Number: Detective John Hovhanessian 323-344-5757

Additional Information: On 3-17-2012, the owner of a 1965 Ford Mustang Classic went for a cruise, came home, and parked his Classic Mustang in front of his home. On Sunday afternoon, 3-18-2012, he discovered that someone had stolen his car. He immediately reported the theft of his Mustang to LAPD Northeast Division. Within 50 minutes after entry into the California stolen system/NCIC, officers from LAPD Wilshire Division had picked up the silent LoJack signal, tracked and located the vehicle. The only damage noted, according to the victim, was a “punched ignition.” The victim said he purchased LoJack when he first obtained the Mustang in 1999, and was thrilled that it still worked after 13 years since it was installed.

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