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Was the 1991 Avanti Based on the 4th Gen Caprice?

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Anyone know for sure? I know the previous Cafaro Avanti's were based on the 3rd generation Caprice's, however the new longer and wider '91 Avanti had the '91 Caprice 5.7L LT1 motor so I'm wondering if the chassis and other mechanicals were also from the '91 Caprice. Thanks.



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Those posts are referring to the '89 car, which was based on the third-generation Caprice. The '91 Avanti was a very different car. My question is if it too was based on the third-gen Caprice mechanicals or the fourth as pictured above.

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There are a couple of the modern Avantis in my neck of the woods that I see at local car shows. Two of them, it appears obvious to me seeing them in person that they are heavily customized Camaros/Firebirds. A third one appears to be a heavily customized Mustang.

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