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One Trim Ring: 1949 Buick Roadmaster.


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Paul: They are the "deep" design for the wider Roadmaster wheel, covering the whole wheel; I don't have a closeup, but see pics:

Dale: I think the trim ring is stainless and the cap is chrome over some other base metal.

John: Thanks in advance for checking..



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Paul: Somewhat confused by your post, I did not receive an e-mail, and I responded to you in a post above; was there another post (that you deleted)? I did not notice it. Maybe not as vigilant about monitoring this as I should be, maybe I just didn't see it while it was up; I'm only aware of one post by you, that I answered. Please e-mail me at sbrmd@aol.com and I will be sure to respond if I get an e-mail.

Randy: Looking for one in driver shape that I can have polished; straight with no signif dings though; my chrome guy can obviously massage out minor ones.

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