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1965 to 1967 Brake booster/master


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Took a chance and obtained a rebuilt brake booster along with a dual master for 1967 to 1970 full size. Will that work as a replacement in my 65 LeSabre 400 convertible that currently has a single master? What am I up against in the mods? Can't get a good full pedal after new wheel cylinders, brakes, bled etc. Current master is a rebuilt unit only a few years old. Brakes seem to fade as car operates, only thing left is the booster.

Tried all over to get the 1965 specific brake booster, nobody stocks it. I didn't want to send my original out to Cardone if I didn't have to cause I still have to move the car in and out of my garage to get to tools, mowers etc. Thoughts?

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I was able to find a rebuilt brake booster for my 65 Electra a year or so ago from NAPA. I had to turn in my old one for a core. I added a dual M/C and converted the fronts to disc brakes. You have to add a proportional valve to the setup. If you have questions let me know.

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