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Tubeless tires -47 Cont.


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Just thinking out loud here but has anyone tried running tubeless tires

on original wheels. I know they are rivetted centers but the bead lip looks

almost identical to modern rims. What do you think?



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I ran conventional tube tires for years, multiple flats..tube leaks..blow outs...then, in '06 I replaced them with steel belted firestone radials..tubeless.. no air loss, better ride and

steering, no problem..stock narrow 40 wheels..not gonna get me a a loving cup for my mantle, but great for 75 mph cruising on the open road..

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Since you mention tubes, not only the source of them , but a tire shop that remembers how to install, lubricate and balance the final product is becomming harder to find...

If we are nice to JimZephyr, he will post pictures of really cool Firestone Deluxe Champion

Red Rubber oem innertubes nos!!

Question of the day...Hey Peech!! why red rubber??

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Jeff, I think the red color came from antimony which was added to natural rubber to increase it's strength. Modern (black/gray) Butyl synthetic rubber is stronger and less porous than the old stuff. Frequent tire pressure checks were really necessary on the old cars with the natural rubber tubes because they seem to lose pressure.

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