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1991 Reatta convertible - white/red


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If a low mileage 1990 silver convertible doesn't tickle you, maybe this '91 white/red will.

Located 15 minutes outside of Los Angeles. I don't think the seller participates in the forum but I know him to be a Reatta Division member.

Just to be clear - the car is not mine and I don't have an interest whether or not it sells.


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Guest Kingsley

I spoke today with the owner of this car. I noted some differences between the price indicated in the heading, $8995 v. the text price of $9500 and quesioned him on this. The lower price is correct and I suspect that there be additional lattitude in pricing. Seems to be a quite knowledgeable car fellow and is moving to northeast Arkansas for his retirement. It is worth a call to him to get a full run down on the car.

As does Bushwack, I have no personal or financial interest in this car.

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