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Packard Print Ad - Need help With Info

Guest Pacquest

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Guest Pacquest

I have had this old Packard print for years. In all that time, I have never seen another like it. I have also not been able to find it in searches on the net.

Please take a look at this, sorry the pictures are not better. Just quick pictures without a flash or proper lighting.

I am seeking information on this print ad. Age, commonality, perhaps even value.

The most interesting thing about this print is - there is no car anywhere in the picture. The name Packard in the text is the only link to the product or company.

Really appreciate any help.






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Packard as well as one or two of the other luxury makers toyed with advertising that either depicted great moments in time or elegant people doing elegant things to emphasize the exclusivity of their line(s). I believe this time period to be early 20s, but am not an expert. A couple things you can do:

1) Check out Arthur Einstein's book on Packard advertising, he is active on one or two forums, will post if I can remember where but not AACA as far as I know. A great book if you are interested in this type of thing.

2) Post your question in the Packard section or printed material section of this forum, or on the PAC website or Packard info.com if you have not already done so.

In terms of value, this is a tough call. Looks to be in decent, but not perfect shape, as moisture wrinkles are evident, not the end of the world, choice is always mounting on something to prevent that vs. leaving it as is. On one hand, it is more than a magazine ad, likely a dealer poster, and is rare. On the other hand, many collectors (like me) would rather see the car featured. That said, if you want to sell it this site, and the sites mentioned above will get you to the right audience.

Good luck with your info search.

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