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1939 Gearbox rebuild time

Guest Grant Magrath

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Guest Grant Magrath

Well, a few worn bits and pieces. We're going to replace all the bearings and bushings, and a couple of new shafts as well. But it will come to a grinding halt soon because we need a good synchro!:( Anyone know where we could get one? Poor old dad's a mess as he can't have his daily drive. He's binge eating, can't sleep, and is very grumpy. Actually, come to think of it, that's normal for him. :D Of course, he could always drive the 38, but it's not his baby!



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I was quoted US$200 a few week ago for a new synchro.

I declined, but they are not made anymore

(check you home email)

Need to check the parts book, but I think these are a unique 1939 S40 only part

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