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Is This a Hupmobile?


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For some reason I am unable to open the attached images so can't see detail. The S hubcap is Studebaker but if the block says Hupp then it will be a Hupmobile. If it is 6 then 1926 or later. I can access detailed serial numbers but do not have them to hand. The disc wheel with the S cap on it looks to be a Studebaker disc centre and because it has 6 studs is from a bigger model Commander or President from around 1926-7 but has been cut down to accept part of a 1930s - maybe 16"? - wheel.

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nzcarnerd, thanks for your help. I did not recognize the "S" as being a style that had been used by Studebaker. The car is a 4-cylinder and the last Hupmobile 4-cylinders were built in 1925. Here are the markings that are on the block.

The first line is simply "Hupp". The second line has four numbers, 5 6 22. The third line has the numbers 45001C. Not surprised you had trouble opening the photos. I had trouble loading them and had to make them very small to get them to post.

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