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Bosch Dual-Coil Question

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My 1912 Model 28 Buick has a Bosch A Dual-Coil on it, which appears to have been installed early on. While I have heard of them I never had one on any of my brass era cars. After years of storage, it is time to bring the Buick back to life but, I do not know how a Bosch A Dual-Coil functions. I see that the larger lever on top switches from Battery (B) to Magneto (M) but the smaller center 'lever' switches from Start to Run. Is anyone familiar with this coil and how it should work? I would greatly appreciate any and all information anyone may provide me regarding the use of this coil. While the engine is now freed up and appears ready to start I do not want to try until I have this coil fully understood so as not to do any damage to anything. I do have photos of the coil if anyone would like me to email them (my email is edfors@charter.net). Thank you all in advance. Tom Edfors

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