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New member and need Help from Germany

Guest snelders67

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Guest snelders67

Hi all

my name is Rob I live in Germany but born in the Netherlands. I'm 44 years old and finally I bought my dréamcar. I've bought a 1966 Riviera in ok Condition but still need a lot of Work.

The Stéering pump is Leaking,I thinks I fixed it but I wonder which Oil you guys take for this Pump.

And do anyone know which kind of Oil is needed for Engine, Transmission and axles??? I tried to find it in the Net but after a few Hours I gave up. Is there a list of oils needed and volumes?

It is a 66 Riviera with a 425 Nailhead engine.

Hope to read a lot of mails!!



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As to your question about oils, here's what I do in mine; needless to say, not everyone will do the same.

Engine oil: 10w-30 or 10w-40. There's a lot of discussion about oils, and I think in able for you to get the most information possible, do a search of the archives on this forum about oil. I use Shell Rotella, which is designed for diesels, becasue it has adequate amounts of Zinc in it for flat tappet cams. But, I've heard that Shell might be revising their formula for this oil. Mobil-One 0w-40 has good zinc levels in it. It's also available in a high mileage formula.

For the transmission (GM's TurboHydro 400 - Buick called in ann ST-400) I use Dextron III. The original Type A fluid is no longer available.

For the power steering pump, I use the same fluid as I do in the transmission. Be careful not to overfill it, it will expand and leak.

The rear end uses a 80-90 weight gear oil.

I'm sure you'll get lots of other opinions. Good luck.


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THe power steering pump takes the same fluid as the transmission: Type A transmission fluid or Dexron (nearly the same). Engine takes 10w40 or 10w30, or if it has a lot of miles on the engine, I would put straight 30 weight oil in the engine. I'm sure others will disagree, as there are many, many opinions on what type of motor oil to use.

The rear axle takes 90weight grease or something near that number.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Texas

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I agree with both responses. The only things that I would add are the following.

1.) Use oil that has higher zinc to protect the cam and valve seats. I can't think of a major manufacturer that doesn't have that now. It is usually marketed as a classic car oil and easy to find. I even found it in the new 5 quart containers for oil changes. I worked in a service station and at Sears in the late '70s and when we changed oil in cars from the 60's it was almost always the case that we used single weight oil, like 30W, when doing an oil change.

2.) Flush out the power steering fluid and start over. I've noticed that people who don't know that it takes trans fluid not power steering fluid could have added the wrong fluid to the pump and that could cause problems. Better to have fresh fluid after getting it fixed anyway. (I just replaced my box and hoses)

Good luck, and WELCOME! Have you joined the R.O.A.?


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Guest slacker1965

eng oil:

as the above have said, I use rotella brand in my classics, is a heavy truck oil that has the zinc that was removed fm most oils to work w/modern engine bearings.....

remember that your pump seals & hoses were born in '66 & are liable to be hard by now...replace them w/clean fluid & you should be good to go.

all your engine & trans etc seals are old & hard too(unless someone has replaced them)


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