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1955 Buick Special Parts

Guest dasaint80

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Guest dasaint80

I have a few thing for sale.

Parts for Sale


Make a decent offer!!!

most of bumpers have some rust and some pitting

  • Top front grille chrome broken but can be re welded. $50 OBO
  • Interior Dome Light $10 OBO
  • Radio turns on and hum does play out. didn't test anything else. $20 OBO
  • Lights, Glove Box light and others $10 OBO
  • Lower grille Bumper $50 OBO
  • horn grille bumpers Left and right $50 OBO
  • Pair of tail lights and reflecters set BO
  • reverse light cover BO
  • Two Distrubruter caps BO
  • Ash tray $15 OBO
  • Door Weatherstriping $10 OBO
  • Set of four Buick Wheel Covers $25 OBO
  • Not sure what these are BO
  • Grille Mesh Crack on it $25 OBO
  • Stock Steelies set of four $50 OBO
  • (Not from a 1955 buick but for sale!) Axis Shine 19X9 $350 OBO


email me: dasaint80@gmail.com

Any questions, I'll answer as best as I can.

Location: Philly

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