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Good friend has an LS1 Roadmaster that runs very poorly on startup from warm.

Feels a lot like vapor lock (chuggle, low rpm, stall).

Replaced MAF, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel regulator (last after poor start showed only 15 psi on rail).

Trims show running very lean & codes show lean only.

Ideas ?

Thank you,

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Assuming there isn't one or more plugged injectors, does this engine use EGR? I have a Ford Ranger (different system) but the EGR is stuck open, which kills engine vacuum at idle (10"-12") or so making the brakes ineffective and it runs horribly at low speed. If I plug the EGR port so there is no flow, I get a lean code on both banks. Vacuum leak or exhaust leak near the O2? I have also seen a very bad timing chain cause hard starting, no power and bad low speed manners (this was 5.0 Ford V8 circa 1988).

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