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Power steering pressure switch (90 Regal)


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Does anyone know the difference between the AC Delco 212-493 switch and the AC Delco 212-565 switch? Photos of the two look identical. I suspect they are the same part. Funny thing is that for my Reatta, both part numbers are ok. Also for Airtex-Wells, the same part number is used for both cars - 1S6580. Same for Standard - PSS5.

Due to some panic on my part while ordering from Amazon (each has different cars listed for it), I now have one of each. I installed the 212-565 switch over the weekend. Fits fine and my power steering still works. But I don't want to open the sealed box on the 212-493 so that I can return it.

Am hoping the new switch fixes my 'loss of assist at idle' problem. (The P/S pump is fairly new, replaced because of leaks. So I knew that wasn't the problem.) When I removed the old PSP switch, it had a big crack on the side of its housing. So hopefully the problem is now solved.

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There might be different color codes on those switches, to differentiate betwee them.

That is what I was wondering, but did not see anything like that. The 212-565 that I used also had GM part #10238816 stamped on it. There was no visible part number on the part that I removed.

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