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1936 Pierce Arrow on Ebay


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There's a listing on Ebay, #220984143678, not mine, I sold the car at Hershey (on auction photos, note Red Field sticker on windshield).

A few years ago, I found the car, got it out of the dirt in the shed where it sat for over 50 years, put new tires on it. He states his "cousin" got it running, not true, it was my good friends Mitch and Ed Sine of Front Royal. Car had the bumpers when I sold it. Front springs have a slight kink in them, due to car being stuck in dirt and getting it out.

It's a good solid car, ran and drove great (on a 1/2 gallon can of gas), but of course needs everything. I have the name of the family who owned it, if someone buys it and wants more information. I would also have sworn I gave him a Virginia title with the car......



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