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Buick Dimensions - A Blast From the Past


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Above is a link to a YouTube video of a Macintosh SE/30 playing the 1990 Buick Dimensions software program (covering all that Buick had to offer in 1990) from a floppy disk (remember those?). At about the six minute mark the gentleman starts running the software. At about the eight minute mark, he starts running the Reatta portion of the software (14 way power seats optional - where did the number '16' come from?).

Grab a snack and a beverage if you want to see the entire clip - it is nearly 24 minutes long.

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And that is why my next car should be Delorean with a flux capacitor. Then I could go back and order a Green 'vert, store it in an abandoned mine for 20 years and then drive it to the next national and blow some minds. Regrettably, I will have to settle for a slightly less spectacular Reatta experience.

Anyway, I had never seen the Mac version of this, I do have the 88 version on a 360K 5.25" floppy and still have a drive that can read it (yeah, Shugart LIVES) and a download of the 90 or 91 version somewhere from reatta.net. Not surprisingly, the Mac version has much higher production values than the PC one. Was kind of hard to do a nice presentation on 320x200 CGA in 4 colors back in the day.


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I have a copy of the 1986 Buick Dimensions for 68k Macintosh. I *think* I may have a 1987 version too. I bought my 944 around then, so didn't really look at new cars again for a long time.

Still have my old Mac Plus (accelerated with a 68030 and a lot of extra memory) around, but have not booted it in years.


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You can download MSDOS versions of these at: Reatta Data Page I have not tried running them on a modern windoze machine. But on linux, they work fine with dosbox. (Wine doesn't work, and actually suggests using dosbox.)

The 1991 version will even let you build a green convertible. ;)

the 1989 version works pretty well on my windows xp computer

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