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Maxwell Model 25 Touring Car Rear Window


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I took the old gal for a spin this morning--she's running wonderfully.

In any event, I took some pictures of the rear view window--as you can see, it is bevelled glass. In old ads, the top is always down, so it is hard to tell what was originally there. I believe my top to be original, or a VERY early replacement, as the car's history from 1917 to 1946 is unknown; she was bought at auction in 1946, and stored until 1998; subsequent owners performed few restorative techniques to this car. Also, the fact that the glass is bevelled leads me to believe it is early.

Any comments? This could also be used for those who are restoring similar cars. Or, maybe there were several options available at the time of purchase???

I am sorry the photos are not great. I had to take the photo with the top down. I cannot get the top up all by myself, and the car will not fit in the garage with the top up; consequently, the top often remains down.



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