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Guest whotmewory

I want to share a great source with very fair prices for steel hose fittings. Their name is Discount Hydraulic Hose in Philadelphia - on Tulip Street (DiscountHydraulicHose.com ). :D

These are STEEL fittings - not brass - suitable for hot hydraulic oils / steering oils.

In another thread I expressed frustration in finding suitable hose barb-to-threaded fittings for downsizing 5/8 steering return hose to 3/8 - needed for adding aftermarket power steering coolers.

Power steering coolers - according to my dealer shop manual and the 1966 Master Technician updates - were standard for Chrysler Newport / 300 / New Yorker / Imperial cars in the mid-sixties that had factory A/C and automatic transmissions.

As I mentioned in my other thread, I tried over a dozen autoparts competitors, online and local hydraulic fittings companies, Harbor Freight Tool, Southern States, and even the Big Box home stoares in desperation - all with no luck at all.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT USE THE GATES BLACK PLASTIC ADAPTERS that some stores will push. I have an e-mail from Gates saying these ARE NOT rated for oils - only water and anti-freeze. :eek:

Just FYF my fittings and couplings (6 pieces) with shipping cost me $35.

Cheers from Chris in NC :cool:

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